Friday, September 30, 2005

Abort Black Babies and Cut Down on Crime

Well, I'll be damned. When I woke up this morning, I swore I'd been tossed back into time and landed on some fucking plantation in Mississippi. But hell no, it was worst. It was 2005. I'm living in New York City and there is this asshole Bill Bennett who proclaims that although it is a reprehensible thought and totally improbable, if ya abort black babies ya cut down on crime ie, 1 + 1 = A.

I want to see how quickly this gets cleaned up. And if his sorry ass gets thrown off TV as it should be or better tarred and feathered.

Unfortunately, it is comments such as these that continue to seep into the underbelly of society. He said out loud what some others think or only speak of in like company. It is sad that black still equates bad, evil, crime and any good that comes from us is "the exception." And that there are still those who wish our demise by virtue of us not even being born.

I'm ill.


Darah said...

I admit it is shocking to see such a headline or hear such a comment in todays culture. I'm sorry that you are still profiled and discriminated against. My prayers will be with this situation, as it appears this man is highly mislead.

Missy said...

true colors come out. garbage in, garbage out. in a society as we live in there is the wheat and there is the chaff.

donna you're not ill, the person who thinks and says what bill bennett says is ill and needs help but sadly he probably doesn't realize he needs it!

Julia said...

Why are we surprised? We let conservative zealots get away with anything these days.

I hope this is enough of an outrage to get Mr. Bennett removed from the airwaves.

Jkimbo said...

Enjoyed your blog! I have bookmarked it.

tamango said...

As long as we have IGNORANT people
in this world, we will always have
Racist spreading Hate and teaching
others and there children to Hate.
Which most of these people have no
ideal about other races and they are just precedent the stereotypes
that they have heard all there live's about other races, because they donot brother to do there homework. And when you hate a whole
race of people just based on the outside then you miss out on what's
goning on, on the inside. Racist and other oppressive attitudes are
repugnant and loathsome. Love, truth, and honor are powerful forces that no amount of hate can withstand.