Monday, August 31, 2009

Brooklyn is Doing the Damned Thing!

On Saturday, August 29, 2009, director, writer, producer, actor and Brooklynite Spike Lee turned Prospect Park on its ear with a blow out block party tribute to "da man" Michael Jackson in recognition of his passing and in celebration in what would have been his 51st birthday. I was honored to have written the proclamation that was presented during the event by the Borough President.

Brooklyn is gearing up to rock again, but on a different note. On Sunday, September 13 from 10am to 6pm Brooklyn hosts its annual Brooklyn Book Festival The festival boasts a stellar lineup, including yours truly and ROCHELLE ALERS on a 3 pm panel on the mainstage dishing on the longevity, power, and passion of the romance novel, why it continues to dominate sales... and what about those sexy, shirtless men? Yes, we'll discuss those to as well as how we got in and have stayed in the business and in print for more than two decades.

Please spread the word and try to join us.

Longing and Lies

Well the wrap up has finally begun. Many of you have been following my Ladies Cartel series, featuring my female butt-kicking, sexy sleuths. I am currently working on the forth and last installment entitled Longing and Lies (not my original title). This time Ashley Temple (who readers met earlier)is in the spotlight paired up with Elliott Morgan(the to die-for undercover agent)to smoke out a baby smuggling ring operating in New York City. The assignment is more than a job for Ashley. It's personal. And the heat gets turned up when Ashley and Elliott for the purposes of their cover have to play husband and wife and live under the same roof. Needless to say, sparks fly. And of course, as with this entire series,nothing is as it seems. I've saved some interesting twists for this one.

If you missed the earlier books, be sure to get your copies:
Sex & Lies
Seduction & Lies
Temptation & Lies

Happy reading

Innervision Books

As we move headlong into a world dominated by technology, my bizness partner, Pittershawn Palmer and I decided we wanted to be part of the new age. With that in mind we launched INNERVISION BOOKS, an e-book publishing company that seeks to fill some of the literary gaps, open the door for new voices, support the veterans and provide readers with hours of enlightenment and entertainment.

We currently have four titles in print (and immediately ready to download to your computer,PDA or e-book reader). For those who have Kindles, although these are not Kindle books, once you download to your computer, you can email the file to your Kindle and read on the go. The same is true of the Sony Reader.

If you have not tried an e-book, now is your chance. We hope that you will support our efforts and the work of our authors so that we can continue to bring more writers and books to the marketplace.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Prize of a Lifetime--Coming to a Store Near You

I'm happy to announce that PRIZE OF A LIFETIME my annual Summer contribution to the Arabesque summer series is primed to hit bookstores on September 29. I know seems like a long time but it's not. This new series is part of the Primetime Passion series that got kicked off with Adrianne Byrd's novel Queen of His Heart (Available Now).

My story puts love to the ultimate test when Sasha Carrington spends two sizzling nights on the romantic island of Antigua with sexy Mitchell Davenport, only for the both of them to shortly realize that they will be competitors on television's newest and hottest reality television show Heartbreak Hotel. The prize of a lifetime is one million dollars and your own hotel!

How will the game play out? Who will win? And when they do will they chose love or money and the dream of a lifetime? Hmm, think you know the answer? It's not as simple as you might imagine.

Be sure to add it to your book list and find out for yourself.

Harlequin has been on a mission to re-issue many of my early Arabesque titles, which give so many readers a chance to get books they may have missed and introduce new readers to my work. So far they have reissued CHARADE, CHANCES ARE, TEMPTATION, A PRIVATE AFFAIR AND PIECES OF DREAMS.

Well,that's it for now. I'll be back to post my upcoming schedule. Heading to Calfornia, Chicago and Maryland in the coming months. Would love to see your friendly faces.

Author Francis Ray Gets Special Honor

Francis Ray Author
Today, Celebrity Bakery and Cafe, a chain restaurant in the Dallas metroplex, honored me and three other women as local heroes. I was honored due to establishing The Turning Point Legal Defense Fund, a fund that assist battered women with their legal expenses. The fund is managed by the Family Place, a local women's shelter in Dallas. A menu item that I selected, Cranberry Chicken Salad will now be Francis Ray's Cranberry Chicken Salad on the menu board. It was a fun event. I was humbled by the honor, and then totally blown away when several fans who were guests of another honoree promptly went to the Borders bookstore next door and purchased books for me to sign. It was an incredible afternoon.

So, if you're in the North Dallas area and want a great lunch with a fabulous dessert, may I suggest Francis Ray's Cranberry Chicken Salad at Celebrity Cafe at 10720 Preston Rd - Suite 1016 - Dallas, TX 75230 -214-373-0783. Please tell them Francis sent you.

Is There a Book Hiding Inside You? - TRCB

Is There a Book Hiding Inside You? - TRCB

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