Monday, August 31, 2009

Longing and Lies

Well the wrap up has finally begun. Many of you have been following my Ladies Cartel series, featuring my female butt-kicking, sexy sleuths. I am currently working on the forth and last installment entitled Longing and Lies (not my original title). This time Ashley Temple (who readers met earlier)is in the spotlight paired up with Elliott Morgan(the to die-for undercover agent)to smoke out a baby smuggling ring operating in New York City. The assignment is more than a job for Ashley. It's personal. And the heat gets turned up when Ashley and Elliott for the purposes of their cover have to play husband and wife and live under the same roof. Needless to say, sparks fly. And of course, as with this entire series,nothing is as it seems. I've saved some interesting twists for this one.

If you missed the earlier books, be sure to get your copies:
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Happy reading

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