Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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Ever wonder what it takes to get an agent, why you pay them a fee, how to find one and what exactly they can do to propel your career?  All those questions and more will be answered by our guests, literary agents Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen of the Larsen Pomada Agency in San Francisco.

They will discuss the literary business, what they are looking for, what’s hot on the marketplace and how to find an agent that’s right for you.

Join us for an informative discussion on THURSDAY, JANUARY 12 AT 7 P.M. EST ON CROSS TALK.

Simply tune your browser to and listen while you work!!

Of course you can have your questions answered by the experts live by sending an email to during the show.

Donna Hill & Anna Dennis
Co-hosts Cross Talk


Anonymous said...

Did you write a short story called Ghost Cat? If so is it auto biographical?

Donna Hill said...


Nope sorry that wasn't me.