Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming to A Bookstore Near You

So many of us writers are struggling these days for a variety of reasons; lack of support from publishers, flooding of the market the list goes on. It's up to us to work even hard to get the word out to our readers about our book and try to maintain their support year after year.

I've been in the biz since 1990. I've had my share of successes and flops! LOL. But I have not thrown in the towel, at least not yet.

Most times, I'm so busy promoting and marketing other authors books that I've left my own books in the backseat and now it has finally caught up with me. I've slipped into the abyss of "midlist" author.

So, as much as I don't like being in the spotlight, or tooting my own horn, I've gotten pushed back out there kicking and screaming. Which brings me to the point of this post.

On Oct. 2, my latest hardcover novel from St. Martins Press, WICKED WAYS will hit bookstores nationwide. It should be a good thing, a time to rejoice. But I've discovered that I'm pretty much on my own with this one.

As we all know, the success of a book is the result of that first week of sales. So I want everyone who checks my blog to mark your calendars for OCT 2. and make it a point to go to your local bookstore and get a copy of WICKED WAYS. The early reviews from Publisher's Weekly are excellent. I do hope that the trend continues.

If you didn't read Getting Hers, it is now available in trade paper. But its not necessary to read GH in order to understand Wicked Ways (although it does help).

As a matter of fact it's not too early to put your order in now. The store will contact you when the book comes in.

I guarantee you will enjoy it!

So, run don't walk to your nearest bookstore and place your order for Wicked Ways. The supply is truly limited so don't miss out!!!

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Mimi Tremont said...

Hi Donna!

Any news on when/if there'll be a sequel to Wicked Ways?