Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I was feeling creative this morning

I’m sitting in my library reading my copy of On The Line. I can’t stop reading it. In less than a day I’m almost at the end of the book. This book moves very quickly. As I read the stories I’m trying to figure out which author submitted what story. So far I believe I’ve identified Vincent’s story, Gwynne Forster’s story and TaRessa Stovall’s story. It’s kind of fun trying to determine who wrote what.

When Donna Hill informed me that I could write with complete freedom, I was like “Do you really want me to do that? And she said yes.

I had to change my submission because my original story went something like this.

Harry Potter’s Love for Medea

Ya’ll didn’t know? See what had happened was. Harry Potter wanted to get kinky with Madea. He was going all around Hollywood talking about how Madea helped him get over his break up with the Video Vixen. Apparently the Vixen had case a spell on Harry’s ass that made his glasses fog up. Madea showed up and slapped the fog out of Harry and now he believes he’s in love with Madea. But Martin Lawrence, who secretly have a thing for Madea as well, (something about a man dressing up as woman turns Martin on) ---got up set. So he called up Jerome, the Playa from the Himalayas and the crew from G-Unit Publishing to head up to Hogwarts School to set it off.

But then Harry came out acting like a wanna be gangster and started throwing spells and stuff around. But then the Playa from the Himalayas said ‘oh hell no’ and called up L.A. Banks and the entire Vampire Huntress crew. L.A. appeared out of nowhere sporting her black and purple full-length leather coat complete with a full armory of weapons cancelled on the inside.
“What’s up Jerome baby?” L.A. asked
“Oh, girl, damn you look good,” Jerome forgot all about the war going on around him and L.A. and to block a bolt of lighting that Harry shot his way.
“Oh, snap!” Jerome got his self in order. “L.A. baby. I need you to take care of this Harry Potter situation for me.”
“You got it Jerome. Just step aside,” L.A. said as she turned to her grew. “Let’s do this!” L.A. howled out. “I’ve been waiting to kick some Harry Potter ass for a long time.” Next thing that happened was Armageddon. Guns going off, spells being cast, explosions and all that stuff.

Then Francis Ray tried to step in to put a little in everyone’s heart but she accidentally turn one of Harry Potter’s flying brooms into Billy Dee Williams and said ‘oh boy, it’s Billy Dee. I’ve got to go ya’ll Billy and I are going on tour’----LOL I’m cracking myself up here.

Whew, sorry ya’ll I got a little carried away. But anyway, I’m so happy to be apart of this effort to bring so many diverse voices together between the pages of a grand novel. Thanks for all of your hard work Donna.

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