Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

"Hot Fun in the Summertime," is one of my all-time favorite songs by Sly Stone. And I have to admit it totally applies right now. I've been so bogged down in writing and working and school work that while my head was down in the sand, the publishing world kept on moving and is putting out two original titles of mine to help keep the summer sizzle going.!

First up is HEARTS REWARD. The final book in the "Millionaire Matchmaker" series. (check Celeste Norfleet and Adrienne Byrd. They kicked off the series) My story wraps it up and features the owner of the Platinum Society Melonie Harte. She's smart, sexy, business savvy and believes she is content. Her job is to bring the elite together with others like themselves in a perfect match. Her business makes mega-cash and its run with the help of her nephew and two nieces. Melonie's life is all that and then some until her FINE brother Alan introduces her to Claude Montgomery. Ooooh la la. To compound matters, Senator Lawson wants Melonie's help in finding someone for his playboy son, Rafe Lawson. Needless to say you wouldn't kick either of these brothers out of bed. The problem is, mixing business with pleasure is a "no-no." What's a matchmaker to do?? Fun, sexy, with a little love triangle thrown in. I know you will enjoy it and you will get a glimpse of the Lawson family that will debut in the Spring with "Spend My Life With You."

And right on the heels of Heart's Reward is PRIVATE LESSONS. Straight-laced Naomi Clarke a tenured college professor at Atlanta University goes on vacation to the island of Antigua (yes, I love Antigua and I want my characters to love it too). But her conventional mindset is put to the test when she meets Brice Lawrence, whose Adonis body and brilliant mind are the ultimate turn-on. A little island fling. No big deal. She'd go home and never see him again. Not!!! Is that Brice sitting in the back of her classroom on the first day? OMG. Now what?

What's a reader to do? Well, I hope you will get your copies, pop them in your beachbag, tote or back pocket and enjoy. And do let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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