Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harlequin hosted a fab contest for Halloween in partnership with Diesel E-books. The Mashup was to select a book and re-write it with a halloween, vampire, twist. One of the winners was Yvette Hines on her rendition of SCANDALOUS!! Enjoy.

MASHUP TITLE: Scandalous
Finalist: Yvette Hines
Adapted from: SCANDALOUS by Donna Hill

Vaughn Hamilton is only a heartbeat away from her eternal dream of being selected as the leader of her coven. Yet few know the desperate secret that has haunted her from life into death...a secret that the fierce and powerful clan will do anything to keep hidden forever. Even kill.
While out selecting strong recruits and converts Vaughn comes in contact with Justin Montgomery. A man she believes to be a rogue vampire, a sexy rebel with no connections. An intense desire ignites between them and she finds herself swept into a passionate and reckless affair as she has never known. However, the tryst ends abruptly, at headquarters and she discovers Justin is linked to a rival clan and plans to be chosen as head of their coven. When Justin shifts from the role of her lover to her competitor, Vaughn is shattered by his betrayal. She vows never to let a man get close again. What she doesn't know is that Justin unwittingly holds the key to her past, and to the love that binds them together.

Diesel Books

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