Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Authors you love...all the time.
Introducing A Chapter a Month. The first of its kind website where a team of today's top-selling authors have joined together to give readers the literary ride of their lives. No more waiting a year to hear from a favorite author. Now readers will enjoy fresh, exciting chapters every month as authors unfold their stories one chapter at a time. Readers will travel with the authors on their writing journeys and watch the novels come to life. But A Chapter a Month will take the reader beyond the pages as well...each month the readers will experience their favorite authors in ways they've never been seen before. Whether it's a video of a day-in-the-life of an author or an "interview with a favorite character," A Chapter a Month moves writers from just writing and readers from just reading and takes us all into this brave new world of reading entertainment. And preferred readers will have access to authors through live video streams. There is even something for aspiring writers: "Writers on Writing" one hour workshops each month that can be watched live as well as saved through podcasts. This site allows readers to enjoy the written word, get to know their favorite authors and have a chance to meet a few new scribes as well. A Chapter a Month joins readers and writers together in a way that's beyond the ordinary.
The anticipated launch date is April 4, 2011.

Introducing the A Chapter A Month Sweet Sixteen:

ReShonda Tate Billingsley - The author of twenty-one novels, ReShonda is truly a star. Not only is she one of the Executive Producers for her upcoming movies based on her novels, but she is also currently touring with the stage play, Marriage Material.

Parry "Ebony Satin" Brown - Readers loved her novels, including her first, the Essence best seller, The Shirt Off His Back. Everyone will be thrilled to see Parry back.

Tinesha Davis - is the author of Holler at the Moon which was an amazing debut novel, and a favorite among book clubs.

Virginia DeBerry - Virginia and her partner, Donna Grant were pioneers in the resurgence of Af Am literature in the 1990s with their breakout novel, Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made. With A Chapter a Month,Virginia is making her "solo" and "non-fiction" debut.

Lolita Files - is the author of the critically acclaimed Child of God. From the sistah girls of Reesy and Misty in her early novels, to the murderer in her last novel, Penn, Lolita Files can write anything and with A Chapter a Month will be penning the first soap opera on paper...the never- ending story of a serial killer....

Trice Hickman - recently signed a multiple book deal with Kensington after having tremendous success as an independent author. Her book, Unexpected Interruptions just received a Starred Review from Publisher's Weekly.

Donna Hill - What is there to say about Donna Hill? There are no words, but her statistics tell the story: started writing in 1987, first book published in 1990, has more than 50 books published. See, no words - except...amazing writer.

Travis Hunter - Many often wonder if Travis is an author or a comedian. But the wonderful thing is that Travis has been able to weave the two together. And though he makes us laugh, he truly has a heart for young men and uses his writing as a way to reach them - through his book for young adult males. At the same time, he has entertained his adult readers for years.

Candy Jackson - is the only one in this group who has never been published. Though she hasn't yet had anything published, she is an avid reader (reading more than 300 books a year) with a dream to become a writer.

RM Johnson - There is only one thing that everyone says about RM's stories - this man can write!!! Even once RM transitioned from the more serious books to the more commercial, he has kept his eye constantly on the craft, penning some of the best written, yet entertaining stories over the years.

Dwayne S. Joseph - Not only is this young man a phenomenal writer, but he has penned some of the most original stories out there. Readers often ask him, "What's going on inside your mind?" An imagination that is only matched by his writing skill.

Bernice McFadden - Critically acclaimed and now an NAACP Image Award nominee, for her amazing book, Glorious, Bernice has been winning awards for years, for Sugar, The Warmest December, Loving Donovan...the list goes on and on....

Stephanie Perry Moore - probably has more young adult books in print than any other African American author. She began writing for young adults more than ten years ago and has published a number of series for middle school, high school, and most recently books for some of our youngest readers. Stephanie is our resident young adult writer.

Victoria Christopher Murray - is the author of ten adult novels, including the popular Jasmine Cox Larson Bush series. Her young adult series, The Divine Divas has been optioned to become a movie.

Pat Tucker - Pat's novel, Daddy By Default was a favorite of many readers in 2010. Not only was it well-written and entertaining, it was amazingly informative and one of those books that everyone in the country would benefit from reading.

Tiffany Warren - The founder of the Faith and Fiction retreat is able to effortlessly write great novels across genres with ease. Not only is she an adult and young adult author, but she has produced the stage play based on one of her novels.


jeanette nicole* said...

Reading about this has me so excited. As an avid reader of many of the authors involved with this project, I cannot wait for it to kick off! :)

Missy said...

@ Jeanette I'm with you sis, I'm so excited I'm afraid I might miss something so I keep checking Trice facebook page....Just in case..smile.

I believe this is a great idea, you have certainly Poked the Box Trice, Donna and all the parties involved.

I cannot wait,move over people because I need a ride on this trip...