Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turn Up The Heat

After Midnight by Donna Hill
Take a sexy, steamy journey to the dark side with this sizzling trio of erotic short stories by Donna Hill. In MOJO LOVER slip into the mind and body of Chantel who is consumed by a lover she can't see but can only feel, when the moon is low, and steam rises from the wet grass of the Savannah bayou at the height of a sweltering summer. Her Mojo Lover works magic that Chantel can't nor wants to resist . . .and neither will you. Selena's life changed forever one unforgettable night in the garden in 1804. Fast forward a century and Selena can only keep her unnatural desires at bay through the age-old art of massage. But when desire overwhelms reason and her lover unwittingly discovers who she is, Selena must make the most difficult decision of her lifetime in THE TOUCH. Margaret is a woman anyone could easily forget. Ordinary, unexciting, unattractive . . .by day. But by night, Margaret is Jade and Jade has a thirst for danger and hot sex any and everywhere she can get it. Margaret shares her erotic fantasies of Jade with her devilishly handsome therapist, who is more than turned on by Margaret/Jades escapades. But everything is not what it seems IN BETWEEN THE NIGHT. PURCHASE YOUR COPY HERE

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