Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lowering the Standards

In every profession there are standards, whether you are an auto repair man or a neurosurgeon. There are expectations, and when those expectations are not met, the "people" cry foul. They boycott the product, sue for malpractice, and demand refunds. The list goes on.
Why then have the standards for black writers been reduced to the lowest common denominator and no one seems to care? And worst, accepted and in some circles applauded for "keeping it real."
Would blatant mediocrity be tolerated or accepted in any other camp? I think not. But ... what do I know?


Anonymous said...

The thing is if you're a reader people will say, "if you don't like that sort of writing with lowered standards don't read it or support it with your dollars." And if you're an author who complains people will accuse you of "playa hatin'." So I think most people are silent in public. Those who have a problem with that writing hope it's just a phase that will play itself out eventually.

avid reader said...

It is painful. I don't want standards lowered. I don't understand why editors and publisher seem uncaring. I have written until my fingers are bruised. Decent grammar and spelling should be the standard. Why do I have to read AA Authors books with a highlighter? I have written authors, and on more than one occasion suspected sabotage. No editor would have purposely let some of these books go to print.

Andrea said... finish your sentence, as a well published author (you), I would say you know a lot and you are correct in your thoughts. It is not okay and I for one am finding myself steering clear of many self published books and even those that are not self published. So, is there harm in it, yes it is. I can deal with dialect, etc in a book but one in which I have to re-read sentences to try and make sense of it, well, let's just say, "not feeling it". There is a difference in "lowering the standards" and writing to represent a certain style, vocabulary etc (if that makes sense)and too frequently is it truly a case of lowering the standards these days.

Stormy said...

Yes Donna, I'm feeling you on this issue. It's a sad world we live in. I've heard that some authors have gotten out of the business because of this. You know it's all about the almighty dollar. I refuse to lower my standards for the sake of a buck.

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