Tuesday, May 03, 2005

To Be a Superstar

How do you elevate yourself from a common denominator to a superstar? Apparently it's by doing something stupid. Take the chick who decided that instead of telling he beloved that the wedding was off, she took off, cut her hair and said she'd been kidnapped. Now if that is not a runaway bride I don't know what is. She cost her city hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet instead of prosecuting her (as they should) her story is on the cover of every newspaper and news show. What's up with that? My question is, would the authorities have been so kind if: 1. her soon-to-be father in law were not a former member of law enforcement and 2. if her name would have been Beulah Jones from Harlem, New York? My guess is her ass would be peeking out from behind bars instead of from under a towel!!


Stormy Steele said...

My thoughts exactly Donna!

Stormy Steele
author of "Behind The Screen"

PBW said...

Beulah wouldn't have gotten in trouble, because law enforcement would have spent moment or dime looking for her.

Nicole J. said...

I agree the police wouldn't have taken any time to search for Beulah but when Beulah did appear agian she would have been fined excessively or behing bars.