Friday, June 10, 2005

The Value of Online Writing Courses

Writers, writers everywhere. Everyone who has ever had a dream about being a writer is tossing their hats in the literary ring. But is your manuscipt the best that it can be? Will it past the critical editoral or agent eye test? Those are the challenges that face all writers; from developing a strong storyline, three dimensional characters, dialogue that sizzles and descriptions that put the reader right inside the story.
Unfortunatly, most writers hold down a day job and a family and do not have time to sit in a classroom to hone their skills. That is where online writing classes come in so handy. There are many too choose from but one that has recently come online and certainly offers all of the basics and then some is The cost is affordable and it offers everything from grammar to finding an agent, self-publishing, character development and more.
If writing is what you want to do, and you want to even out the odds in getting published, this is certainly an online course that should interest you. Even if you are a published writer there is something for you to learn as well.
See you online!

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