Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Making Time for Writing in the New Year

Back when I first started writing professionally (1987), I was a stickler for rules, regulations and organization. I kept accurate records, detailed notes, file folders and composition books. I even had a little recipe box that I kept "pending story" ideas in. And my life as a writer ran smoothly.

Somehow, over the progression of years and accumulation of data, all of my good habits have flown to some netherworld not to be seen by me again. Over the past year, I have lost count of how many novels and novellas, contacts and agreements I have put my name on. As I sit here, whining about this conundrum, I must complete not ONE but TWO books by the end of January! Yes, January of '06. I was informed of this latest twist of fate last week.

To some it may be a great thing to have that many projects on your plate. Unless of course, you actually have to think up the storyline, detail the characters, make the words jump out of your head and onto the page (in some sort of coherent form of course) edit it, print and send to the eagerly awaiting editor.

I must now try to figure out how to write two completely different types of books simultaneously without the voices becoming blending into something unrecognizable.

What I have learned is that its well past time for me to go back to my old ways of organizing. I can't fly by the seat of my pants any longer. (not as young as I used to be). I have to learn to say NO. (even if it means less dollars in my pocket). I have to not only make time for writing but time for me, so that I will be of sound mind and body in order to write!!

So... with all that being said, look for about 6-7 books from me in 2006--that is of course if I don't walk out into traffic first!!! LOL

Happy New Year


Frederick Smith said...

Congrats on the 6-7 books coming this year. That must be exciting... even though there's a zillion details and contracts to keep track of. Many of us would LOVE to be in your shoes, though, with multiple projects going.

You're definitely doing your thing... and that's an inspiration to new writers like myself!

Anonymous said...

Will the books be of .......quality?