Monday, October 06, 2008

Request for Young Women Writers

Greetings One and All,

The dynamic duo of Dawn Daniels and Candace Sandy who launched the Souls of My Sisters phenomenon are ready for their next offering which is geared toward our youngs sisters. Below are the guidelines and contact information. If you think you have a story to tell, this may be your opportunity

Request for Young Women Writers

"Together we promote unity through experience and show young women of color they are not alone in their daily struggles. Most importantly, we are creating a legacy to pass on to the next generation." -- Dawn Daniels and Candace Sandy, Publishers of Souls of My Sisters Books

National bestseller SOULS OF MY SISTERS: Black Women Break Their Silence, Tell Their Stories, and Heal Their Spirits would like you to join us in healing young women of color.

Souls of My Sisters written and edited by Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy, catapulted to the #1 spot on the Essence Best Sellers List, now in its fifteenth printing, with over 100,000 copies in print, is seeking young writers for a new volume Souls of My Young Women (Souls of My Sisters Books/Kensington Publishing Corp.)

The young women in this new volume ages 18-30 will recount their stories of obstacles and triumphs that run the gamut from searching for self to the power of choice, career, sexuality, addiction, relationships, self-esteem, body and self-image, friendships, religion, health and dealing with death. Many of them only offer themselves the least in life afraid to fail and unaware of their own abilities.

Chapter Topics include:

Finding happiness
Searching for self/self esteem
Overcoming life challenges
Health crisis
The Power of choice
Saying goodbye
I have had enough…
Understanding money

Young w omen encounter many daily struggles and obstacles and are interested in finding out from real life experiences how to navigate their often complex lives. In Souls of My Young Sisters will serve as the road map to and through life's ups-and-downs inspiring young women of color to achieve and succeed where they may have never saw hope.

Stories must be true (non-fiction), written in first person, and 1,000 words or less. Stories should invoke emotion and the message or should be clear. Please refer to Souls of My Sisters: Black Women Break Their Silence, Tell Our Stories and Heal Our Spirits.

You may submit more than one story. For each story selected, a 50-word biography will be included about the contributor.

The tentative submission deadline is December 1, 2008. If you are interested in submitting a story for this project please email at or contact us via phone at 212.407.1581.

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