Monday, December 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tip

Writers tend to focus on the creative process and creative people can be all over the place with ideas and projects. Inspiration will come at you anytime and anywhere, so it is important to be ready for the charge of creativity and have a place to put it all!

One tool that I have found to be incredibly helpful was a 3 ring binder.My novel notebook. Sound simple? It is. A three ring binder with dividers and loose leaf paper in each section.

For the purposes of novel writing, I divide my binder into synopsis, characters, locations, research, chapters, notes, misc. Based on each section is where I store and compile my information. I also find pictures that remind me of my characters, news articles, magazine pieces and info from the internet all put in their appropriate section for easy reference.

My character bios would be included in the character section and so on. My short descriptions of what occurs in each chapter would be included in that chapter section.

This way all of your information for your novel is always in one place and when your are done with your novel, you can take all of the inserts out, file them away, and your novel notebook is ready for your next masterpiece.

And that's Tuesday's Tip


pittershawn said...

Great tip, Donna. I need to get a system like this going. It might help with getting my novel done. I'm soooooooooo slow. said...

Donna, THANK YOU so much for this simple and easy organizational tip. I am back working on my children's book and the story has taken a new direction. So your tip is just what I need to keep track of all the new changes and the direction the story is going!

Tasha Martin said...

Thanks, Sistah! This is soooo helpful. I'm taking a needed vacation for the J.O.B, and it's time to start working on my other passion. I'll be starting my notebook this week. Thanks!