Monday, September 01, 2008

Busy, Busy...

Hey Family,

So many things are going on in the world, Gustav pummeling the Gulf Coast (but at least this time it appears that the Government is on their job). My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. Then, this woman, Sarah Palin for V.P. announces that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.(oh dayum) Of course McCain said he knew this.... bullsh&#@! He is lying through his old-ass teeth. He's as stunned as anyone. On a festive note, the biggest parade in New York City took place today...the annual West Indian Day Parade--my kinsmen/women were out there!!! Holla. On another festive note, on Saturday, August 30, the divine sisters of Sugar and Spice Book Club based in Queens New York, hosted me as their guest. There was a Hawaiian theme so the ladies had on grass skirts, did the limbo, doled out pina coladas and pineapple chicken. I had a ball. And me being inquisitive (another word for nosey)joined "Twitter" ask me why. Why Donna why? (she shrugs). Also, finally after weeks of being off the wagon I went back to the gym with my man. Got a good workout (not that kind haha). And I feel pretty good. I'm also supposed to be fasting this month. Today was the first day. Did good until about 5 when I petered out. And in between mother nature's wrath, an asshole running for the GOP nod and his unqualified sidekick, the West Indies coming to Brooklyn, and my return to the gym, I was able to do my edits for Temptation and Lies (Book 3 of the Ladies Cartel series) and begin a proposal for a reality television book (both of which are due tomorrow 9/2) wish me luck. LUCK!

Ooooh in other news... I will be doing my first virtual book tour. Ella has me just about everywhere in the cyber universe! I'm gonna get sick of seeing my ownself! LOL. But if I come your way, I do hope that you will leave me a comment. My tour begins Sept. 5 and will end Sept 30.

Hope to meet up with you all online!

Happy reading... and if you haven't joined my fanclub... stop on by. We'd love to have you.

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Linda said...

BEST of luck! I'm sure you'll get it all done. SUPERWOMAN, you know, LOL!

Linda R. Herman