Sunday, September 21, 2008

Victor's Back

Hey folks . . .here is what Victor had to say. Enjoy!

Victor, my girlfriend told me about your blog. I read it, laughed, and thought how could that many women be so stupid? Now, here I am asking for your opinion about my shameful dilemma. Last year I fell in love, had second thoughts then backed out of a good situation. I was afraid to fully commit when I should have let it all hang out. Subsequently, he found someone else. It didn’t last so I got him back. Bad thing is, his old romance resulted in a pregnancy. My hair is falling out over dealing with loving him crazy while another woman is having his baby.

I keep telling myself that love is stronger than pride but I don’t think my love is tough enough to endure the circumstances. Now, here I am looking stupid too.


Wearing wigs & worrying

Victor Said…

Wearing wigs and worrying,

Please don’t let your hair fall out over any man who isn't your husband. And, asking for an honest opinion is never stupid. However, a bad response may be. While I can’t do anything about the pregnancy, I have a few comments regarding the love of a man with delicate baggage.

Obviously, you have a strong connection with this dude. Consider his feelings for you and obligations to provide for his child. While it’s very possible to take care of both without missing a step, the other side of the same coin could be disastrous. Problems generally begin with stories about the baby needing things at inopportune times, namely on nights and weekends. Then the baby’s momma gets clingy and starts complaining about the lack of parental bonding. Guilt and regret are powerful tools in the hands of a lonely woman with a toddler to raise all alone. See where I’m going with this? Maintaining the type of romance you currently enjoy would probably be harder to do than you’ve imagined. Besides, if your man isn’t really into the whole ‘wig thing,’ the decision to hang on may not be yours before long.

Victorism: When a romance breaks off your hair at the root, get it out of your head.

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