Friday, July 22, 2005

A Bag of Tricks

In the aftermath of the ugly bombings in England, New York City today launched a campaign that will allow police to randomly stop and search folks traveling on the New York City subway system... buses are next.

For the most part, I'm with folks on wanting to be safe. But how far is too far? With the Government approving 14 of 16 points of the revised Patriot Act, we are in for some shit folks. Let's be for real.

Example: with all the training the intelligence agencies (and I use the term loosely) has had in allegedly being able to spot "suspicious" people they have yet to "randomly" capture a damn soul that ever had anything to do with terrorism. NO One!!!! Even when they had suspected terrorists under watch, those suckers still got away with whatever they wanted to do. Meanwhile your 90 year old grandmother is being strip searched in the airport!

Little by little our civil liberties are being eroded and by the time we wake up and smell the coffee we will all be walking around with microchips embedded in us so that our activities can be monitored.

George Orwell must be standing up in his grave saying "I told you so." But even he could not envision what has become of American society.

So... is this latest effort on the part of the American government to do random searches on the buses and trains legitimate, or simply another way to legally profile individuals under the guise of keeping us safe--another bag of political tricks??

If you asked me, they wouldn't know a terrorist if they came up and slapped them in the face.

What is your opinion?

Beware... random searches are on their way to a neighborhood near you!



Gwynne Forster said...

George Oewell could not have imagined the state of liberty in the United States today, because he also could not have imagined that in this nation of almost 300 million people, a nincompoop would be elected president, a man who cannot see that his own actions have increased terriorism in this country and abroad one hundred fold. A small minded man can be tolerated, but when he is also both president of this country and a smartass, it's too damned much. But by the time 2008 rolls around the damage he has done to liberty and freedom--to say nothing of social conditions--will be irreparable

Gwynne Forster said...

Correction: George Orwell could not have said...etc.

Dee Savoy said...


Have you been picking my brain again? I couldn't agree with you more. We are living in frightful times.

Anonymous said...

We will soon be like Haiti, Jamaica, various African countries, and some in South America which are run openly by the police and/or military, with no regard for individual lives, because the government has given them carte blanche.

The time will come when we will eventually see what these governments are going through--all because of intervention, interruption and interference from outsiders. And because of Patriot Acts that resemble rules imposed by police and military states.

In our case, however, the outsider is our very own president. But then, as history has taught us, every great empire falls from within--and due to unwise and unsympathetic leaders. I just never expected this nation, under 500 years old, to go down the drain so quickly.

No matter what is going on in Iraq, their nation was, and still is, over 5,000 years old. And up until now, they were dealing with their evils without the help of outsiders. Sadly, without the help of outsiders, we are ruining our nation. And have effectively ruined a great portion of the history of the people of Iraq (with the destruction of museums and landmarks), whose civilization was instrumental in the growth of our own, due to their contributions in the sciences and mathematics, to name a few.

Anonymous said...