Sunday, July 10, 2005

Jet Lagged by Happy

Just getting back from the West Coast. Spent the past few days in Oakland and San Francisco as part of my tour for GETTING HERS. Had a great time and more important met some really wonderful people. I definitely have to thank Christine Ellington from Same Page Promotions for once again setting up a successful tour. While I was traveling for almost six hours to get there, I had the opportunity to read Camika Spencer's new book He Had It Coming. Parts are truly hilarious as a group of sistahs in a book club kidnap an obnoxious male author and demand that he change his upcoming book entitled "Bitches." There were a few holes in the story and some uneven transitions but it definitely put me in a mind of one author in particular (who will remain nameless). I only wish I had the nerve to do the same thing! LOL.

Anyway, if you are an author and ever decide to visit the West Coast definitely use Same Page Promotions. Top notch!

Well, I've run out of reasons not to finish my I guess it's back to the keyboard.


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