Monday, July 25, 2005

To Book Fair or Not

Book fairs for every manner of books abound. There are fairs, conventions, cruises, author-only and reader only events. How do you choose? What events are most beneficial to you as an author or a reader?

Cost is certainly a factor. When planning your event calendar it is truly important to get the most for the bucks. But a great deal of that is contingent upon what you want to get out of the event. If you are a reader are you simply looking to meet your favorite author, hook up with your friends and online buddies, find new books or attend seminars that will increase your own chances of publication? If you are a published author or aspiring one, are you looking to meet agents, editors or fans or pitch your next great American novel?

Most writer organizations host annual conventions (i.e., RWA, Romantic Times Book Lovers, Novelist Inc., Romance Slam Jam, the list goes on).

What is becoming more popular are cruises hosted by authors for their fans. These are for die-hard lovers of a particular author's work. A time for fans and fanclub members to get together and share their love of their favorite authors work.

Some events are driven by big name authors. Others attempt to showcase new voices and emerging genres.

The field is vast and there is something for everyone. But in choosing which events to attend, always try to bear in mind what it is you want to accomplish by attending. Is it going to be beneficially for you on some personal level and what the costs actually include.

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