Monday, July 04, 2005

The Essence Fest

Just getting back from the Essence Festival and I had a grand old time. The folks were out in record numbers and doing their thing as only black folks can. Another writer friend of mine, Gwynne Forster commented on her blog about the rate of obesity among black women that was rampant in New Orleans. I've added my comments to her blog. It is apparent that obesity is a national illness among blacks and especially among our youth. It is frightening as well as the most unsightly display I've ever had the displeasure of viewing. This unhealthy path is yet another road to our slow demise.

But other than that, I got to the Queen herself Ms. Aretha, Alicia Keyes who turned out, and John Legend who is in my humble opinion unparalled as a new artist. The boy can blow hands down! If you have not purchased his CD do so without haste.

The booksignings at the Convention center went very well and my new novel is now in the hands of many more people.

Later this week I will be heading to California (San Francisco) so those in the area, do stop in. I will be at Alexanders Bookstore on Friday at noon and several other locations. Check my website for locations (

Then next week (july 15-16) I will be in Atlanta for the National Black Arts Festival, signing at Medu Books on Saturday, and doing a Dine with the Author on Friday, sponsored by Booking Matters Magazine. I hope you will join us.

Well that's the round up for now.

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