Saturday, November 08, 2008

From the Shores of Antigua

I writing to one and all from the sunny shores of Antigua in the Caribbean Islands. What a beautiful place. I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here and not at home glued to my computer finishing up my book. Well I actually am working. I'm attending the third annual Antigua Literary Festival. Just to give you a taste of who is here:
Tiny McElroy Ansa, Victoria Christopher Murray, Eric Jerome Dickey, Tannarive Due and her husband Steven Barnes, Mary Morrison, Troy Johnson (AALBC)Victoria Rowell (of Soap Opera fame) and a host of others!

This is my second year and it is even better than the last time. Well, gotta run. They're handing out free Pina Coladas! Bottoms up.

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bettye griffin said...

Drink one for me, Donna! Here in Wisconsin it was 32 degrees with snow flurries today.