Monday, November 24, 2008

Twitter or Not to Twitter... That is the Question

Twitter is a nifty little thingy to take more time out of your day to send short messages out to the world... a way to stay connected.

Me, being somewhat of a techy nerd and always looking for the next thing decided to try it out. I try to post something worthwhile or at least amusing and I actually have people interested enough in what I do or say during the course of a day to actually "follow" me.

Unfortunately, the stream of info that comes into my "twitter box" is confusing at best, at least for me, as I have no idea what people are commenting on or why. Sigh...

I'm determine to get the hang of it and find some valuable use for twittering.

I'm totally open to suggestions!


Carleen Brice said...

Hey Donna. Stick with Twitter and it starts to make sense. You can use it to announce events, new books, etc.

18 Authors said...


Thanks so much for the vote of confidence!!! Love, love, love your book!!!! said...

LOL! Donna, let me introduce you to TweetDeck - - which will not only will help you manage Twitter better, but I promise that you will be able to keep up with direct messages and replies coming in to you. So install TweetDeck and let it float in the background of your computer as you work and peek in to see what all the little birdies following you (and you them) are talking about!