Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Almost Heeeere!

SEDUCTION AND LIES, Book 2 of my exciting and sexy new series, "The Ladies Cartel" is scheduled to hit bookstores nationwide on December 1st.

SEDUCTION AND LIES features Danielle Holloway, fashion photographer and Cartel member who gets pulled into an identity theft case that not only has her tracking down the ring leaders but examining her own identity. To compound problems, she must of course keep her activities secret from her live-in lover Nick Mateo who is also her business partner! Dani definitely has her hands full, but of course she will have the help and assistance of her girls Savannah and Mia, with a few surprises thrown in as well.

I do hope readers will enjoy it and for a special treat. Once you finish SEDUCTION AND LIES you get a three chapter preview of TEMPTATION AND LIES which will be available Feb. 1 2009!!!

So please be sure to get your copy during the first week of sales. That is so important. If your bookstore does not have it, please insist that they order it for you.

I know things are tight in this economic times, so I deeply appreciate your support!

Happy reading

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