Monday, November 10, 2008

What a Wonderful Week

I remain elated and hopeful as the most historic week in U.S. and World History as drawn to a close. The first Black president, not only of the United States but the world. He is the only black man of that level of power who has been elected to office in a non-black country. That in and of itself is phenomenal.

My hopes and dreams for a better place have been renewed. Yet, I am realistic as well. I understand that as much as we have virtually sainted this man, we must remember that he is still only a man. He has been put int this place at this time in our history to lead and guide. But it is up to us, all of us, in our homes, our jobs, our schools, our communities to do our part. He cannot do it alone. And we can not sit back and let him take on that weight and expect him to multiply the loaves of bread to feed us all.

There are many opportunities for each of us to participate in this great new world, beginning in our homes and in our relationships. Strengthen those first and foremost. Go out into the community with perhaps nothing more than a "good morning" to a stranger. Stay connected to the process, watch the news instead of the night time dramas and daytime soaps. Hold your local officials accountable, attend the neighborhood meetings, go to your child's school, hold the teachers accountable for educating your child. Mentor at least one young person. Just one and see what an amazing difference it will make not only to them but to you.

We are all part of this great turn in American History. Barack Obama is at the head of the table and it will be up to each of us to earn the priviledge of sitting at that table. Let's all do our part.

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